Kolossal Beverages is a for-profit business created with the idea of giving at the core of our company. We saw a need in the beverage industry that was going unfulfilled: water brands that highlight global health issues. We knew the best way to achieve this was starting our own water beverage company, creating brands with distinctive packaging, providing clean drinkable water and choosing causes that have personally affected our lives and others throughout the world.

In April of 2018, we created Fortress Hemp Alkaline Water (breast cancer) and O8sis Hemp Alkaline Water (mental health). These two beverage brands make it possible for us to achieve our philanthropic goal of giving back, which we donate a percentage of sales, per quarter, to nonprofit organizations and bring awareness to breast cancer and mental health conditions on a global scale. Our brand slogans, “It’s Not Just An October Disease” (Fortress) and “Awareness is Power” (O8sis), is a testament to who we are as an organization and how the world sees us. Our use of hemp oil in the water is based on positive health factors hemp has on the human body. In closing, Kolossal is a conscious company and we take words such as, harmony, equality, integrity, diversity and sustainability seriously. We pledge to be great members of the global community!