Kolossal Beverages Soars As Their Hemp Infused Water Highlights Breast Cancer and Mental Health Awareness

Once shadowed by a controversial stigma, the past few years have highlighted the extremely beneficial aspects of CBD derivatives, Hemp, and cannabis within the areas of healthcare and self-care. Kolossal Beverages had a vision of creating a Hemp and alkaline infused water company that not only had a delicious, crisp taste but was great for the body. They decided their beverages should help in every way and thus birthed their mission to support causes that affect Americans nationwide every day. From their brainchild stemmed Kolossal Beverages.


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Fortress Water was born to help with this and to bring awareness to breast cancer. Founded by James Williams and Chad Burrell after one of Williams’ close loved ones was diagnosed with breast cancer, Fortress Water is linked with My Style Matters Non-Profit 501(c)(3) that provides holistic support to cancer patients and survivors.

Think Pink! (For Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

This company’s founders started the business after their loved ones were diagnosed with breast cancer, and every month they donate to the nonprofit My Style Matters, an organization providing holistic support to cancer patients and survivors. 

Retailers Who Support Breast Cancer Charities

Stay hydrated with Fortress Water and feel good knowing that a portion of proceeds from its hemp water support breast cancer survivors year-round. For Fortress Water, their mission is personal. 

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Fortress Water is a hemp alkaline brand that gives back to My Style Matters, a nonprofit that provides cancer patients and survivors with holistic support, through their hemp-infused water.